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Free Wordpress templates are group of files which control the overall look of the wordpress website. To change the look of your wordpress powered website as a whole, you simply download one of these files packages listed below, then unzip and upload all template you would like and see a preview of how the site would appear if the template was used. In the upper right part of the sneak peek, there is a link "Activate template name". When you click on that link, the your wordpress blog looks brand new.

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Wordpress has been the top of the line and used blogging software for several years now. It is transcribed in php terms and functions on MySql database. Wordpress is also very flexible with numerous plugins at your disposal on the web for free, which add many options to your system. You can find the latest Wordpress here. It is also "skinable" which lets users to change with ease the look of their wordpress enabled website. Skins are commonly referred to as Wordpress Themes or Templates.

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